Monday, April 12, 2010

EUROCALL, Bordeaux septembre 2010

will be held in Bordeaux, France,
8-11 September 2010
Conference main theme and title:
Languages, cultures and virtual communities

EUROCALL is back in France after 11 years. In 1999, the University of Besançon hosted the conference, and the central theme, as some of you may remember, was evaluation (Evaluation of language skills and language testing).

Since then, several conference themes have reflected progress in the areas of

a) research conducted into information and communication technologies applied to the teaching and learning of languages (CALL),

b) technology itself: interdisciplinarity, new literacies, new pedagogical approaches, facilitating autonomy, incorporating ICT in study programmes, mastering multimedia, new competencies and social spaces, working together, etc.

All these themes are testimony to the vitality of EUROCALL. NEXT

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