Friday, August 27, 2010

An American Climbs a Tree, a French Person Checks the Soil

Text by Corey Amaro

Someone once told me that the difference between a French person and an American person could be summarized like this:

"If you put a French person and an American person in the middle of a dense jungle and asked them to find their way out, the French person would bend down and look at the soil for clues, look up to see which way the wind blew the trees and which way the sun was moving across the sky... in other words the French person would study the situation at hand before making a move. On the other hand, the American would climb up the nearest tree, look around and holler, "HEY Anyone out there?"

In general, because thankfully we cannot put a label on a whole country let alone a single person, the French are more methodical in their approach, trusting that they can find their way by themselves, whereas the Americans look at team work, and will go out on a limb to find a new way.


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