Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Polyglot Project


Amazing website! Worth watching.

Easy access to English, French, Spanish... classics: double click on any word and the translation in the language of your choice (including Thai) will appear! I just LOVE it!

Read. Translate. Get Fluent.

The idea behind the Polyglot Project is simple. We want to help you get fluent in whatever language you're trying to learn. And we believe the best way to get fluent in a foreign language is to put in time exposing yourself to that language as it's actually used by native speakers. Here, we've pulled together a library of foreign language content for you to work with, starting with classic literature from all over the world. You can work on your Italian by reading Dante's Inferno, or your Spanish by reading Don Quijote, or choose any other language and learn it from the best writers that language has to offer.

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