Thursday, September 22, 2011

From French... to much amazement

apron n. from Middle French naperon (Modern French napperon tableclothe) - by later misconstruing a naperon as an aperon
aunt n. the sister of one's father or mother - from Old French ante (Modern French tante )
choice n.   selection - from Old French  (From Germanic) to choose

cry v.  to shout (with tears) - from Old French crier
diet n. food - from Old French (Modern French diète)
delight n.  joy - from Old French delitier

display v. to exhibit, to show - from Old French  despleier (Modern French déployer - to deploy) 
dress v. to clothe - from Old French dresser
easy adj. not difficult - from Old French aisié (Modern French aisé)
lease n. a letting or renting of property ... - from Old French laissier/lesser (Modern French laisser)
move v. to set or keep in motion. From Anglo-French mover  (Modern French se mouvoir)
mail n. letters - from Old French malle
noise n. sound - from Old French (Modern French chercher des noises)
rent n. sum of money payable for the use of property - from Old French rente (render)

squirrel n. any bushy-tailed rodent - from Old French esquireul (Modern French écureuil)
seize v. to grab - from Old French seizir (Modern French saisir)
save v.  to rescue - From Olf French sauver
story n.  a narrative  - Anglo-French estorie (Modern French histoire)

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