Friday, September 23, 2011

From much amasement (2)

curtain n. hanging piece of fabric - from French cortine (Modern French courtine)

cushion n. pillow - from Old French coissin (Modern French coussin)

duty n. obligation - from Anglo-French deweté 

due to  prep. caused by - from French  du(e)  past p. of devoir (to owe)

flower n. blossom - from Old French flor, flour  (Modern French fleur)

leisure n. freedom from business - from Old French leisir (Modern French loisir)

mean n. method/instrument used to attain an end - something intermediate - from Old French meien (Modern French moyen)

oil n. viscous liquid  - from Old French oile (Modern French huile

oyster n. molluscs - from Old French oistre, uistre (Modern French huître)

obey v. to perform a command - from Old French obéir 

pace n. a step, a rate of movement -  from Old French pas (step)

pain n. suffering - from Old French peine (Modern French peine sorrow)

pants n.  trousers - abbrev. of pantaloons - from French pantalon (trousers)

paper n. wood pulpe - from Old French papier < from Latin papyrus (Cassell's Dictionary of Wordhistories)

rhyme n.  verse - variation of Old French rime  < Latin rythmus 

rice n. plant/grains -  from Old French ris (Modern French riz< from Italian < from Latin

riot n. outbreak of lawlessness - from Old French riote (rihot(t)er to quarrel)

scaffold n. temporary structure - from Old French eschaffaut (Modern French échafaud)