Saturday, September 24, 2011

Interesting English-French pairs...(1)

sample n./ exemple m. [eg-zan-ple]
a part taken - from Old French assample (example) - from Latin exemplum n. (sample)
Modern French translation for sample is échantillon [é-chan-ti-yon] related to échelle [é-chè-le] (scale) ladder

scale n. / échelle f.  [é-chè-le]
anything graduated (like a ladder) - from Latin scala (staircase)
Echelle in Modern French means both ladder ans scale

scale n. / écale - écaille f. [é-ka-ye]
thin plates covering fish - from Old French escale (Modern French écale / écaille) - from Germanic

scaffold(er) n. / échafaud m. [é-cha-fo]
temporary sturcture - from Old French eschaffaut (Modern French échafaud)
Modern French translation is échafaudage (for holding workers) .
The word échafaud refers to the platform on which criminals are executed.

scar n. / escarre f. [es-ka-re] (bedsore)
lasting mark - from Old French escharre (Modern French escarre) Cassell's Dictionary

scarf n. / écharpe f. [é-char-pe]
strip of material - maybe from Old French escherpe (Modern French écharpe)  or from Old Norse

scarlet n. adj. / écarlate f. adj.  [é-kar-la-te]
red colour - from Old French escarlate (Modern French écarlate

schedule n. / cédule f.   [sé-du-le] (dated)
time table - from Old French cédule (notice) - from Latin schedula (small sheet of paper)
Modern French translation of schedule is emploi du temps [an-plwa du tan]

scholar n. / écolier m. [é-ko-lyé] (schoolboy)    
learned person - from Latin scholaris + shortening of Old French escoler (Modern French écolier) Cassell's Dictionary
scolaire adj. [sko-lè-re] (related to school) is also coming from Latin scholaris. (from schola school)

scout v.  n. / écouter v.  [é-kou-té] (to listen)
person sent out to bring in information - from Old French escouter
Modern French translation for scout  is éclaireur [é-klè-reur] or boyscout

Many more to come...

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