Saturday, September 24, 2011

Interesting English-French pairs (2)

crook n./ escroc m.  [es-kro] (same meaning, form but different origin)
thief - crook is from Old Norse krokr where as French escroc is from Italian scrocco
(Common Indo-european origin ?)

screen n. / écran n. [é-kran] (same meaning, form and origin)
light-reflecting surface - from Anglo-French escren (Modern French écran) - from Frankish

screw n. / écrou m. [é-krou] (nut)
device - from French escroue (Modern French écrou) / Dutch schrûve
Modern French translation for screw n. is vis f. 

sketch n. / esquisse f. [es-ki-se] (same meaning, form and origin)
Quick drawing - both English and French words are from Italian schizzo (same meaning) - from Latin

skimmer n. / écumoire f. [é-ku-mwa-re] (same meaning, form and origin)
ustensil used in skimming liquid - from Old French escumoir (escum- + oir)

skim v. / écumer v.  [é-ku-mé](same meaning, form and origin)
to remove floating matters - back formation from skimmer or directly from Old French escumer (Modern French écumer)

shop n.  / échoppe f. [é-cho-pe] (lean-to booth)
retail store - from Old French eschoppe - from Middle low German Schoppe   (Cassell's Dictionary)
The Modern French translation for shop  is magasin [ma-ga-zin]

stall n. / étal  n.  [é-tal] (same meaning, form and origin)
a booth or stand in which merchandise is displayed - both words are related to Germanic (Frankish or Old Norse) stal / stall
Modern French uses étalage (étal + -age) [é-ta-la-je] instead of étal (dated)

slave n. / esclave m. [es-kla-ve] (Same meaning, form and origin)
bond servant - from Old French esclave - from Slavs  (eastern Europe people)

space n. / espace m. [es-pa-ce] (same meaning, form and origin)
gap; universe; room - from Old French espace - from Latin spatium
espace f. (space between words) is used in Typography only - It is also the name of a Renault car.

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