Saturday, October 8, 2011

GRASP Method for Acquiring Latin

Claude PAVUR
Missouri, USA

GRASP is a pedagogical method that presents the parts of sentences bit-by-bit, with variety and incremental complexity, to help learners attain the ability to grasp the original text in the order in which it was written, with immediate comprehension.
GRASP is based upon the insight of some SLA (Second-Language Acquisition) theory that claims that solid language acquisition depends upon a proportionately great quantity of comprehensible input and upon the learners' growing abilities to interpret that input.

GRASP works from small units toward the entire utterance, in effect providing some small part of the vast linguistic "background experience" or "archive" that native speakers of the target language would have had to help them interpret utterances.
Once you have certain basic patterns and words mastered or "interiorized," and after you have experienced an immediacy of meaning encountering the same words within different structures and the same structures with different contents, you will be well on your way toward the mastery of the language.

GRASP stands for GRadual Aggregative Syntactic Praxis.

Not to be confused with:

GRASP Problem Solving Method

1 Given = What do you know?
2 Required = What do you want to know?
3 Analysis = What formula can you use?
4 Solution = Show your work
5 Paraphrase = State the answer in a sentence.

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